The Faces Behind Portland Downtown

How is Portland special to the people that help make the downtown tick?


Portland Downtown is a non-profit organization that acts as an integral part of downtown daily life, as the dedicated staff work 365 days of the year to keep the downtown clean, safe, and vibrant. This organization is responsible for a number of praiseworthy events such as the Old Port Festival and Merry Madness, as well as partnering with the City and downtown businesses to keep Downtown Portland at its very best.

For my three week internship as a part of my Senior Transition Project, an internship opportunity at the end of Senior year at Cape Elizabeth High School, I had the pleasure of working closely with all four staff members. Through this time, I observed that the staff had many insights into all aspects of downtown life, and I wanted to learn more. Through both images of the downtown and the words of the staff, these interviews offer a glimpse into the multifaceted nature of the organization as well as their thoughts on the hidden treasures of dining, culture, and beauty in Portland.

Please take this as a chance to learn more about the organization that keeps Downtown Portland looking beautiful, and makes it a wonderful place to live and work through the full interviews below.

Casey Gilbert, Executive Director

Adam MacDonald, Marketing & Communications Coordinator

Amy Geren, Downtown Experience Liaison

Taffy Eaton, Office Manager

Below is also a link to the full portfolio of the Longfellow Garden photographs, courtesy of myself and Sarah Beard Buckley.

Longfellow Garden




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